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Tulsa, OK

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Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

Tulsa, Oklahoma


MARCH 17, 2015


If you have any church family type updates, activities or news you would like included in this weekly letter, please let the church office know by Tuesday at 12:00 noon.


Church Office: We are closed on Mondays.   The office is open from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday.   Thursday and Friday office hours are 9:00 a.m. to noon.  

 Note from the Office: We need your help. When you send an announcement or message to the church office via email, please request to be notified it has been received. Sometimes we do not receive the message and then we both are disappointed when it is discovered too late for publication.  If you do not receive an answer from us within a day, please call and let us know.



PRAYER CHAIN:  At this time, ALL PRAYER CHAIN PHONE CALLS SHOULD BE MADE TO THE CHURCH OFFICE (918-622-2905) and they will be sent out from there.



The Play Hard Day Care Center is open in our Community Life Center.    No one is allowed in the Community Life Center/Day Care Center weekdays from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. without express permission!  

NEW FLOOR IN FELLOWSHIP HALL – Work is in progress!  Do not enter the Fellowship Hall.

We have purchased 20 Easter Lilies for Easter Sunday.  If you would like to purchase one or more, you may earmark your check for “Easter Lilies” and place it in the offering plate along with next Sunday’s bulletin insert.





VOTERS’ MEETING – The Leadership Council has called a Special Voters’ Meeting for Sunday, March 22nd immediately after late worship.  The purpose of the meeting is to approve a Call Committee and review actions/decisions for going forward.  Please plan to attend this important meeting….the future of our congregation depends on actions at this meeting and also others to come. A light lunch will be served.


LWML “Women’s Prayer Breakfast” – Saturday, May 2nd our LWML will hold their second annual “Women’s Prayer Breakfast”.  Our speaker will be Carol Round, whose presentation is entitled “Have You Prayed Today? and her technique  for “Journaling With Jesus”. We will also have great food, fellowship and even some prizes.  The cost is $10.00 per person.  You may ask any LWML member about it (or you might be invited to sit at a member-sponsored table).   More information will be forthcoming.


LWML is collecting  baby clothes for LUTHERAN WORLD RELIEF “Baby Care Kits”. We are asking your help with this project.   Items needed are: lightweight cotton shirts,  long or short sleeved gowns or sleepers (no feet), receiving blankets – medium weight cotton or flannel, cloth diapers – flat fold, jacket, sweater or sweatshirt with hood (or include a baby cap), baby sox, hand towel (dark color), bath-size bars of gentle soap in original wrapping, diaper pins for large safety pins.

You may place these items in the box on the LWML table in the Fellowship Hall.  The deadline for collecting is April 12th.  If you have any questions you may speak with Gloria Buehring or Carol Haught.

– We will not be having our annual Easter Egg Hunt this year, but it is being replaced with  a SPRING CARNIVAL  on Saturday, May 23rd. 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.  This will be a community outreach event.  If you would like to help with this event, speak with Alberta Manry.


             Weekly Lenten services will be held each Wednesday at 7:15 p.m. through March 25th


  OUR 2015 FLOWER CHART is posted on the bulletin board (west).  If you would like to provide flowers for any given Sunday, write your name and phone number on the chart.  Flowers are $35.00 unless you request a special arrangement.  If no one signs up for a given Sunday, the  Flower  Fund is used.  Donations to the Flower Fund are necessary for us to continue to place flowers in the Chancel.  There are no flowers in the chancel during Lent.



THE 2015 COOKIE CHART IS ON THE KITCHEN DOOR – Donna Ellis is faithful in providing and serving cookies after late worship.  If you would like to help, put your name on the chart for the specified Sunday.  You may either provide cookies, or better yet, provide and serve them after worship.  You may also donate money (give to Donna) for the purchase of cookies.  Home baked cookies are always a hit!



 You may order gift cards from Alberta Manry at any time. 


Support our Good Shepherd Youth

Where do you eat or shop?? Where do you buy clothes or household goods?  Check our list of available gift cards and see if you can purchase a card to help our youth.  We do have some cards on hand.  The lists are available on the bulletin board in the fellowship hall or ask Alberta for a copy of them to take home.  Call Alberta at (918) 224-7947 or email her at with questions.  Alberta orders cards on Sunday afternoon and has them available on Wednesday evening.  If she orders them by Tuesday, we have them available on Sunday.   When cards are ordered, they are paid for, so Alberta will need your payment at the time of your order.  You can also set up a family account and order cards yourself and have them delivered directly to you.  Ask Alberta how.  This is a great way to support our youth and not pay any extra out of your pocket, since you are paying for things you would be purchasing anyway.


OUR ALMONER FUND is in need of donations.    If this is something you would like to help with, over and above your weekly offerings,  place your donations in the offering plate earmarked “Almoner Fund”   

OUR COMPASSION CUPBOARD. Our food pantry is in need of food items. .  Please consider bringing staples (meat, tuna, canned fruit, canned vegetables, beans, pasta sauce, pasta, Mac and Cheese, peanut butter, etc.).  If you would like to donate money towards these items, please earmark your check for “The Compassion Cupboard”.  Thank you to Rebeca Roman Roman and Miguel Pietre who continue to check and put away groceries as they are donated. A special thank you to Carol Haught who is volunteering to manage the food pantry and hold hours that the food pantry is open. More information on the day and time will follow.



L.C.E.F. Young Investor Club (Y.I.) is a great way to teach children that God gives us many blessings to use wisely and share with others. The Y.I. Club offers young people, ages 0-18, the benefits of investing. Be sure to take a brochure from the table in the narthex and share with any Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles. This is a great way to let them help prepare for their future.




Mike Poston is leading our 9:45 Sunday morning Adult Bible study.    The group   meets in the Fellowship Hall.   The title of the Bible Study is “The Gospel of John”.   




YOU ARE INVITED to participate in all LWML activities....being an LWML member requires only a willing heart to serve the Lord through this organization.  LWML MITES are collected for supporting the Oklahoma District and National LWML.  There are no dues.      


“Serve the Lord With Gladness” is the theme of this organization.  Join in the fun, fellowship, mission and service projects as you join your sisters in Christ working in God’s kingdom.


We will be collecting mites on the second Sunday of each month.  We will have our large mite box out in the narthex as well as small ones for you to take home.  As you drop a coin in your mite box, say a prayer for yourself, a friend or anyone or anything that is in your heart.  Pray also that the coins you give are blessed in the projects they support.

Our next meeting will be Sunday, Apri




HELP NEEDED - Someone is needed to take over this project.  Buddy Kunze has faithfully taken care of this since its onset.  Would you be willing to help?




"To help Good Shepherd increase its general revenues, you are asked to contribute your aluminum cans to the church on an on-going basis.  Please bring your bagged cans (crushed, if possible), to the Church any Wednesday or Sunday and drop them off by the first garage on the east side of the Church. If you bring them any other evening or day, please place the bags on the south side of garage one.  The cans will be taken to the scrap yard as often as necessary and sold.


This program will be ongoing and continuous. All proceeds will go to the Church general operations fund.  Please ask friends and neighbors for their aluminum cans.  This program can make a difference. Thanks so much for your support."  Any questions, please contact Buddy Kunze or Bob Patrick.





 FLOWER FUND   If you are placing flowers in the church, please make your checks out to “Good Shepherd Lutheran Church” and place in the offering plate or in the box in the church office.  The minimum order is $35.00.  You may also donate to the Flower Fund at any time.  This money will be used to pay for flowers when there is no one signed up for a designated Sunday.  A 2015 FLOWER CHART is posted on the bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall





Bulletin inserts and information for bulletins and the newsletters need to be in the church office by Tuesday.  If you leave information on the desk, please put your name on it so we can contact you if we have any questions.


“The Lutheran Hour” can be heard each Sunday morning at 7:00 on KRMG 740 AM. A new Lutheran Hour radio presentation, “Life…Revised” can be found on KCFO 970 AM on Sundays at 11:30 a.m.


Building Use – If you are going to schedule any kind of event or activity (outside of regularly scheduled church events), you must clear it through the church office. A Building Use calendar and guidelines are available in the office.



Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Tulsa, OK.



President:                                               Glenda Allison

Vice President                                        Merit Pannell

Members At Large:                                Mike Poston,  Curtis Northrup, David Riggs

Past President Emeritus                        Matt Iwama

Leadership Council Secretary:               Kay Ozmun

Treasurer:                                               Bob Patrick

Voters ‘Assembly,  Secretary:                 Joyce Isaacs

Financial Secretary:                                Peggy Poston (Temporary)

Family , Adult Social & Outreach           Alberta Manry

Operations Ministry Coordinator:          Buddy Kunze

Business Manager:                                   Bob Patrick

Pastoral Care Ministry Coordinator:     Elmore Isaacs

Volunteer Ministry Coordinator:           Vacant

Music Ministry Coordinator:                 Vacant

School Ministry Coordinator:                Glenda  Allison

Hispanic  Ministry:`                                Bernardo Rangel

Hmong Ministry Developer:                    Sing Vang

Office Ministry:                                      Volunteer Office Staff Members       

Technology Team Coordinator:              Matt Iwama


Calendar Events at GSLC:


                        Wednesday, March 18th            No  Meal & Classes

                                                                         7:15 p.m. Lenten Worship



Sunday Servants’ Schedule


 Sunday, March 22, 2015 

8:30 a.m.


Elder:   Paul Lamb

Usher:   Paul Lamb

Lector: Shelli Lamb

Acolyte: Rebecca Riggs

Greeters:    Paul & Shelli Lamb


11:00 a.m.

Elders: Matt Iwama

   Ushers:  Curtis Northrup, Dwayne Mittag

   Lector:  John Brockhoff

   Acolyte:  Curtis Northrup


Counters: Jim Ingram,  Stephen Flach & Carol Haught



Regularly Scheduled Weekday Activities on the Church Calendar:



Mondays:                                          7:00 pm.              Boy Scout Troop 26




               1st Tuesday                                                                     

               2nd Tuesday                                     

               3rd Tuesday                                                              

               4th Tuesday                                                


Wednesdays:                                        5:15 p.m. Midweek Meals, Classes and Chapel  


                                                                5:45 p.m. Weekly alternating Praise Choir and Praise Team rehearsals

                                                                7:15 p.m.  Lenten Worship

(Check bulletin)



               1st  Wednesday                        1:00 p.m.  WOWS “Out to Lunch”    April 1st  Charleston’s, 6839 S Yale

                3rd Wednesday                                                                                                                                                                      4th Wednesday                                                                                            

               5th Wednesday              




             1st Thursday     

                2nd Thursday        

                3rd Thursday                     7:00 p.m. Leadership Council

                4th Thursday        


                1st Friday                       10:00 a.m.  FALAS (EVERY FRIDAY OF THE MONTH) 

                2nd Friday

                3rd Friday

                4th Friday .


Saturdays:                                      Check monthly calendar for Al-Anon



                1st Sunday                          12:30 p.m.    Family, Outreach & Adult Social Ministry Team

                2nd Sunday                            

                3rd Sunday                          

                4th Sunday 


Remember our Homebound:   Hildegard Bartlau,  Nancy Crayton, Ken & Flo Wantland, Hyldred Saubert, Opal Bailey, Carl Nienhuser, Jr., Edie Schroeder,   &   Care Giver, Stephanie Hill.


PEANUT ALLERGY ALERT! ALL FOODS BROUGHT INTO THE CHURCH FOR ANY OCCASION should be free of peanuts, peanut oil or any peanut product.  Parents:   If your child has any kind of food allergy, please monitor their foods church and let the kitchen know ahead of time.



Contact Us  
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
8730 E. Skelly Dr.
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74129
Phone: 918-622-2905
Email Us
Regular Schedule  
  • 8:30 AM
    Living Praise
  • 9:45 AM
    Sunday School
  • 11:00 AM
    Spanish Worship
  • 11:00 AM
    Classic Praise
  • 1:00 PM
    Hmong Worship
  • 2:00 PM
    Liberian Worship
Clases de GED en Espaņol

Comenzamos el 19 de enero del 2013

-Aprenda estrategias para tomar el examen.

-Aprenda lo necesario para obtener su certificado de GED

Para más información llame al:

918-813-9235 – Español/Inglés

918-622-2905 -  English


Fecha: 19 de Enero a Marzo 16 del 2013

Días: Sábados: 9:30 am - 1:30 pm

Dónde: Iglesia Luterana El Buen Pastor

8730 E Skelly Drive Tulsa, OK 74129

Costo: $199.00

¡Prepárese para el examen de GED!

Tulsa Shock @ GSLC

The Tulsa Shock provides a youth and adult basketball training facility at Good Shepherd. Check out their website at: